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The Sea Festival inviting you to the fiesta in the City of White Sails from 24-26 July is going to be even more bounteous. During the whole duration of the Festival, the bigger stages in the Cruise Ship Terminal and on Atgimimas Square will host a marathon of spectacular concerts, dancing fountains will be seen on Jonas Hill, and Teatras Square will become an unexpected oasis of recreation.
With a little more than three weeks left until the Sea Festival luring guests to the City with its White Sails, the Festival‘s broad and colourful programme has finally been confirmed and will invite you to dive into the three-day fiesta with its events. The most beautiful marine tradition fostered by the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė will be inviting you to Klaipėda for the 56th time now.

Children Will Be Entertained by Burinukas

White and delicious as cotton candy, this time the Sea Festival will be ever more bounteous to the little ones. For the first time in the Festival‘s history, Burinukas, a new children‘s character created specifically for the Festival, will be introduced to the Festival‘s guests.
“The Sea Festival has always been exclusive for its traditions. We are hoping that we are starting to create a new one today. Burinukas is the Sea Festival’s new and long matured character created for children and their space in the festive din. This unique and playful character is now going to visit Klaipėda every year only during the Sea Festival. His story and travel adventures can be found in the unique and colourful children’s book “Burinuko Istorija” (eng. Burinukas’s Story)”, says Goda Giedraitytė, creative director for PI “Klaipėdos Šventės”.
Whilst the character of Burinukas was created by the Festival‘s organiser‘s “Klaipėdos Šventės” team, in order for the character to come alive additional creative forces were invoked. “Burinuko Istorija” was written by Nijolė Kepenienė, and the little hero was drawn by Vilhelmas Giedraitis.
Burinukas‘s Port will be established in the court by the Meridianas embankment. This area will invite children to take part in educational marine-themed activities, various attractions, musical performances, and most importantly, get-togethers with Burinukas himself. Children will be able to meet Burinukas even before the Sea Festival by purchasing the new and colourful book “Burinuko Istorija”.

A Different Kind of Teatras Square Will Surprise You
The biggest novelty of the Sea Festival this year will be the magical Teatras Square. The space that Klaipėda citizens and guests are so used to will become an unrecognisable and fresh oasis for the three days of the Festival. Teatras Square during the day will be inviting those exhausted from the head to have a rest, and in the evening will be waiting for hopeless romantics.
“We have always wanted to create a different recreational space in the midst of all the uproar of the Sea Festival which would allow people to admire verdurous plants and fountains and eat ice-cream, and in the evening enjoy the colourful Fountain Show, and maybe the huge full moon. We hope that such a different Theatre Square will also become a cosy area for interesting artistic project in the future”, says Romandas Žiubrys, director of PI “Klaipėdos Šventės”.
On Friday, the voices of bards Neda Malūnavičiūtė, Olegas Ditkovskis and Andrius Kulikauskas will be warming up the Theatre Square. On Saturday, the guests of the Sea Festival will be delighted by jazz artist Eglė Petrošiūtė and her colourful entourage of international musicians.

Music Spreading Through The Whole Old Town

The musical-recreational acts of the Festival will take place in two main areas: the Cruise Ship Terminal and Atgimimas Square.
“The formation of the musical programme is always a very interesting yet a rather difficult process. Our main goal is to prepare a tasty, surprising and fresh musical cocktail”, says Goda Giedraitytė, creative director for PI “Klaipėdos Šventės”.
On Friday evening the musical programme at the Cruise Ship Terminal will begin with a concert from the Sea Festival‘s partner LRT Television‘s “Golden Voice” finalists. After the thundering myriad of beautiful voices, Mantas Jankavičius will carry on entertaining the audience and will give them his original pieces. Before midnight the electronic music duet Golen Parazyth will take the stage, and DJ Averjano from Klaipėda will carry on making the public go wild.
Atgimimas Square will once again become a stormy dance floor, and in the evening the rock‘n‘roll band from Latvia “Big Al & The Jokers” will take the stage.
On Saturday, the longest and most eventful day of the Sea Festival, the telecommunications company “Balticum” will present the musical programme which will include the bands Biplan and Rebelheart. At night, Vladas Straupas will take over and continue the entertaining evening.
The Sea Festival partner‘s “Švyturys-Utenos alus” concert will cater for a wide variety of different tastes at the Cruise Ship Terminal. The concert will begin with a performance from musician Steponas Zonys, the winner of the “Klaipėdos Ateitis” scholarship. Right after that, Linas Adomaitis and Merūnas Vitulskis will perform.
Alexander Rybak, the winner of Eurovision 2009, will be the big star of the Sea Festival and will rock the stage at the Cruise Ship Terminal. Donatas Montvydas, the Lithuanian delegate for Eurovision will appear on the stage with him and then take over the concert. The evening will end with the electronic music duet Electronic I who will bring everyone to the stage.
On Sunday evening, the second annual evening of sung poetry and bard music Flight through the Night, organised by the non-governmental organisation Klaipėda‘s Democratic Women College, will invite you to indeed fly through the night. The sung poetry will be performed by a variety of well-known bards, including Neda Malūnavičiūtė, Olegas Ditkovskis, Andrius Kulikauskas and Friends, Saulius Bareikis, Vytautas Kernagis Jr., Baltos Varnos, Linas Švirinas and others.

The Fountains Dancing Even More Brightly

The most resonant and brightest Sea Festival‘s novelty introduced last year – the Dancing Fountains – will be entertaining the guests this year as well. The Sea Festival‘s bright and resonant adornment will again be given by the Festival‘s partner “Klaipėdos Nafta”.
“A year ago the Dancing Fountains Show was born out of love for the sea. This time the fountains are again dedicated to love – to the symbol of the Baltic Sea, the extraordinary story of Jūratė and Kastytis which you will be able to hear and witness a little differently”, said Romandas Žiubrys. The fountains will be dancing on Jonas Hill for two evenings of the Festival: from 10.30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Sailboats Returning With The “Baltic Sail“ Flag

After declaring Klaipėda the Port of White Sails in 2015, the city is again preparing to welcome the big sailboats. The sailboats are returning to the Sea Festival under the Baltic Sail flag.
“We are incredibly happy that Klaipėda is slowly becoming a cosy home for sailboats, a hospitable and attractive port welcoming ships all year long. I believe that all of our collective work is a successful step towards strengthening Klaipėda‘s image as a marine city and preparing for the 2017 regatta”, says R. Žiubrys.
During the Sea Festival citizens and city guests will be able to see, visit and sail on Lithuania‘s, Poland‘s, the Netherlands‘ and Spain‘s sailboats. According to the organisers, the undoubtedly most spectacular sailboat out of those arriving is “Nao Victoria” which is the exact replica of the Ferdinand Magellan fleet’s sailboat which was the only ship that managed to return from the very first expedition around the world and that proved that the Earth is round.
Detailed information on incoming sailboats and trips to the sea can be found on the Festival‘s partner‘s “Klaipėda Tours” website www.klaipedatours.lt.

Dressing Up in White
The Festival‘s Organisers encourage those coming to the Fiesta in the City of White Sails to dress up in white, and those who want to stand out will be able to buy some unique merchandise.
The Sea Festival‘s merchandise – t-shirts, book “Burinuko istorija”, pens, canvas bags and fridge magnets – from 13 July will be available for purchase at PI “Klaipėdos šventės” headquarters at 32 Šiauliai st., and in the information post tents located by the Klaipėda National Musical Theatre (19 Danės st.) and at the Cruise Ship Terminal during the Festival.
The Sea Festival 2015 booklet, which will not only outline the detailed information on all of the events, news and attractions but will also feature useful discount coupons which guests will be able to use to purchase the Festival‘s merchandise at a much lower price, will be available for purchase for a symbolic price: just 0,50 cents.
The Sea Festival 2015 booklet will be available for purchase at the Festival‘s partner‘s Tiketa tills at the shopping centres Akropolis in Klaipėda, Vilnius and Kaunas.

The Sea Festival Already International
After receiving immense attention, the Festival fostering the most beautiful marine traditions has been awarded the exclusive European Festival Association badge “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe“ (EFFE) and has become a member of the movement. The International Festival Committee has evaluated the 56th Sea Festival as a significant, long-lived marine tradition which strengthens the image of Klaipėda as a marine city and presents events of high artistic quality.



The tradition of the Sea Festival is one of Klaipėda‘s valuables and a historical gift which represents the city and its nautical nature. Driven by innovative and bold ideas, the Sea Festival is opening a new historic page. The hottest event of the summer is inviting you to the FIESTA IN THE CITY OF WHITE SAILS on 24-26 July! Nautical, artistic, recreational, sport-related events for children and families will spread around the Old Town.

 On the last weekend of July, Klaipėda dressed in restless winds will be embraced by white sails, nautical events, bright ideas, and resonant musical rhythms. “The Sea Festival is the most well-known and, according to sociological research, the best rated event in Klaipėda by the country‘s citizens. Hence, we are particularly glad that the festival which is expected bring more than half a million of guests into the city has recently started to highlight nautical events, traditions of the marine culture, thus strengthening Klaipėda‘s marine image“, said Klaipėda City Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas, thus inviting everyone to the 56th annual Sea Festival.

 The Sea Festival in White Sails
“Whilst organising the festival, which has over eight decades of experience, every year we feel great responsibility and commitment. To preserve what is most beautiful, yet to find a new angle to improve what we have even more is a great task. Dedicated to those who love the sea, this time the Sea Festival will become the White Fiesta, and Klaipėda will be the City of Happy People, which you can already plan your summer around”, said Romandas Žiubrys, head of PI “Klaipėdos šventės”.

The organisers of the Sea Festival are planning to fulfill its theme by using elements of city decoration, artistic projects, and all the guests of the Sea Festival.

“The idea of the “Fiesta in the City of White Sails” was born whilst dreaming about the warm summer and all of the events taking place this year in Klaipėda. It is very important to us that the most anticipated fiesta of the summer would be as a single organism which binds various events together due to their theme and symbols. Hence, fulfillment of the theme is a crucial task for every creator of an artistic programme. We encourage every guest of the Sea Festival go through their wardrobes and find various white garments and accessories to match the theme”, said Goda Giedraitytė, Creative Director of PI “Klaipėdos šventės“.

Klaipėda‘s Old Town will be painted white for three days. All traditional, nautical events, regattas, and water sports events will have white sail decorations. On the especially warm days guests will be lured into town for the White Afternoons-Siestas which will invite you to attend the Sea Festival fair which will enchant you with exquisit smells and tastes, as well as beach and city sporting events, Theatrical Action Street improvisations, water fountains, nocturnal funfairs and fireworks.

“We can now promise you that this Sea Festival will be full of quality-time surprises and pleasant discoveries. However, in order for the wait to be worth it, we do not want to reveal everything. And even though the biggest events have already been agreed upon and fully organised, we invite those who want to become a part of the Sea Festival and other similar events to share their ideas with us and join the ranks of the Sea Festival’s creators”, says Goda Giedraitytė.

The organisers will be waiting for suggestions and ideas which might become a part of the Sea Festival‘s programme until 20 May.

Fostering for the Theatrical Procession
The beginning of the Sea Festival will once again be announced with the festive nautical procession. Fostered by Arvydas Vaitkus, the Chief Executive of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, the procession of the Sea Festival has been promised to be even more spectacular.

“The festive procession is one of the most beautiful and spectacular events of the Sea Festival. To be able to be a part of it, to display one’s creativity and wit has always been a matter of honour and prestige, hence, we want to encourage every citizen and the community of the port to actively join the festive movement. Last year’s procession hit a record with its number of participants, hence, we are sure that this year’s procession will be even more profuse and bright”, said Arvydas Vaitkus, the Chief Executive of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority and a sponsor of the Sea Festival.

In 2014, when commemorating the Jubilee Sea Festival, 32 of the city‘s companies, organisations, and collectives, or almost 7,000 people were part of the nautical procession. This time, the theatrical part of the procession will be complemented by the WHITE Waves of the Sea Festival, which will combine the siesta and the fiesta, the peace and the rave.

Preserved historical records of the Sea Festival show that participation in the procession of the Sea Festival has always been a matter of honour and prestige: it meant that the company, organisation, or collective was strong, creative, and communal.

The Knights of Malta in Charge of Health
During the Sea Festival, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the longtime partner of Klaipėda City, will be taking care of citizens and the city‘s guests. Centres/tents marked with the organisation’s symbol will be located near the main venues in the city. Here, people will be able to get first aid provided with accredited instructors of the Knights of Malta.

“We are very glad that the most significant events in the city do not only gather people around for fun but also encourage being responsible. This is the first time the volunteers of the Knights of Malta are a part of the Sea Festival’s ranks, and they will ensure that the festive environment would only leave positive memories, and so that there would be no space for a bad mood in the city”, said Romandas Žiubrys.

Apart from the stationary centres ensuring good health, volunteers of the Knights of Malta will be circling the city to be able to provide first aid to those who request it.

Merchants Expected from May
Traditionally, the Sea Festival‘s fair will take place on the embankments of Danė, from the Northern Cape up to the old TEO building. This year, even 670 spaces will be available to the merchants of the biggest fair of the summer. Those who want to trade at the Sea Festival‘s fair will have to embrace a change in standard practice this year.

“All those taking part in the fair will have to fill in an online application form. Up until now, the application forms were also available as a hard copy printed from the website. All the relevant and detailed information will be available to merchants on our website www.jurossvente.lt from the beginning of May.”

According to R. Žiubrys, not only the merchants of the Sea Festival, but also all of those following the cultural life of their city and eager to learn all about the Sea Festval and other events in the city should visit the updated website. All the important information regarding the Sea Festival can be also found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurossvente2014?ref=hl.