About us

What are we


The institution, which was founded in 2000 under the name of PI “Jūros šventė“ (Eng. “The Sea Festival”), is a non-profit limited liability public legal entity.
The institution’s founder and owner is Klaipėda City Municipality. Its owner’s rights and obligations are implemented by the Klaipėda City Municipality Council or its authorized person, the director of Klaipėda City Municipality administration.
Our goals
By carrying out its activities the institution is pursuing the following goals:

to create conditions for the development of marine culture tourism

Image of city

to improve the image of a marine city by using various marketing tools


to develop cultural partnership in the Baltic Sea region

The institution’s mission is to organize the most crucial and ambitious festivals and events in Klaipėda City, whilst giving special attention to the fostering of marine culture traditions, and promotion of quality recreational activities as well as tourism.


A member of the Lithuania‘s Festival Alliance since 2014.
Privatumo nustatymai
Jūsų lankymosi mūsų svetainėje metu, svetainė gali kaupti naršymo duomenis, dažniausiai slapukų forma. Čia galite keisti privatumo nustatymus.
Turėkite omeny, jog bet kokie pakeitimai gali turėti didelės įtakos svetainės atvaizdavimui ir taip patirsite nepilnavertį naršymą.