THE SEA FESTIVAL / 26-28 July 2019

The Sea Festival has been a synonym of top-class events, festive mood, and, of course, holidays and vacation. The biggest summer fiesta in Lithuania is the venue for meeting friends, discoveries, and inspirations. On 26-28 July 2019, the Klaipėda Sea Festival will attract thousands of people who are not indifferent to the sea and marine traditions for the 60th time now. This year, the Sea Festival will surprise with unexpectedly altered spaces of the Old Town and their interpretations. The cosy Old Town welcomes you to: CINEMA SQUARE, SQUARE OF TASTES, TOURISM ZONE, SHOW OF DANCING FOUNTAINS, PLATFORM OF THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE, and, of course, the amazingly transformed MAGIC THEATRE SQUARE. This year, tall sailboats, flying the flag of BALTIC SAIL, are returning to Klaipėda during the Sea Festival.

The Sea Festival is a big explosion of creative energy, which happens in Klaipeda in July of each year. It is a certain peak of the summer, after which everything gradually calms down, slows down, moves towards autumn… The Sea Festival shakes the city up, lures people out of their homes, out of everyday routine to break them free of all restraints, so that they may enjoy and release their dreams into the sky.

 International Festival of Arts PLArTFORMA / 12-19 September 2019

International Arts Festival “PLArTFORMA” this year will take place for the 13th time on the 12th-18th of September in Klaipeda and its region, Lithuania.
“PLArTFORMA” combines forms of performing (contemporary dance, new circus, physical theatre, performance art) and visual (various art forms, video, film) arts as well as artists from Lithuania and foreign countries in one cultural platform. It is a festival of multicultural cooperation and contemporary expression, the only of such kind in Klaipėda and the region of Western Lithuania.
Main concept of the festival is related to the geographical and metaphysical interpretations of boundary zones, which are embodied in the character of the festival itself: different genres, forms of expression and ideas intervene here, paying no attention to the borders of traditional arts. Such art synthesis is identical to a search of new limit points, which is presented during the festival.
Since 2015 “PLArTFORMA” bears a label of EFFE “Europe for Festivals / Festivals for Europe” (administrated by European Festival Association) and since 2011 – a title of Representative Festival of Klaipėda city.
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Art & Science Festival “RESTART” / November 2019
The annual RESTART Art & Science Festival is aimed to promote synergistic cooperation between educational institutions and the local community, provides residents of the city with a closer look at university activities, innovations in the field of education, while universities have an opportunity to expand boundaries of public spaces of the city for their practices. The festival aims to bring together academic community of the city, scientific and cultural establishments and organisations, art, municipal, business, and tourism representatives and the general public. The high spot of the festival is getting familiar with maritime culture, introduction to the cultural and scientific space of Klaipėda and the Western region. he festival is expected not only to have a positively influence on the image of Klaipėda as an academic city, but also to enhance a closer cooperation between Klaipėda University and the local community; The festival will offer a new format for Klaipėda city – a combination of science and art; The educational nature of the event is supposed to encourage children and young people to get involved in learning and creative activities more actively. The festival programme consists of various lectures held by scholars and artists, discussions, creative workshops, exhibitions, tours, book presentations, installations and theatrical performances. The festival is focused on schoolchildren of all ages, students and the professional audience, families and the broader community of the city.

Traditionally, the main symbol of winter festivities, the Christmas tree, is lit up on the last Saturday of November in the centre of the city – Theatre Square. Every time, the organisers of the celebration bring together and surprise thousands of residents and guests of the city with this unique ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree, and in recent years – two Christmas trees, on the Theatre and the Revival squares, to the accompaniment of sounds of music, the Santa Claus’s visit and the dazzling fireworks. Those unable to arrive at the Theatre Square, may watch live broadcasting of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Klaipėda and Lithuanian web portals. Throughout the festive season, the Christmas Fair allure you with flavorous gingerbread, hot juices and handmade Christmas souvenirs; social and cosy Advent events take place.

Privatumo nustatymai
Jūsų lankymosi mūsų svetainėje metu, svetainė gali kaupti naršymo duomenis, dažniausiai slapukų forma. Čia galite keisti privatumo nustatymus.
Turėkite omeny, jog bet kokie pakeitimai gali turėti didelės įtakos svetainės atvaizdavimui ir taip patirsite nepilnavertį naršymą.